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We are exploring emerging trends that disrupt markets and create entirely new ways to serve our users and clients, for Alberta and beyond.

Case study: Why ATB switched to Google

Invaluable learnings and insight into the team effort to move to a cloud-based application, and the benefits of doing so.

Realistic Expectations

Real-time payments are now making their way into the corporate world, as businesses look for alternatives to credit cards and cheques.

Artificial intelligence is the industrial revolution Canadian businesses need to adopt

In a time of unparallelled shifts in the global market, artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most disruptive innovations impacting business today.

Canadian fintech and Alberta: Driving innovation

Learn how Canadian fintech and Alberta have attracted customers and investment attention, and which challenges fintech players have to overcome.

Who owns your data? Why open banking matters

Open banking could give consumers control of their personal information and online identity. So what does adoption look like?

The right partners can put you at the front of the curve

How can you scale and drive innovation at the same time? Strategic partnership may just be the solution that helps you stay ahead of the pack.

Leveraging blockchain to transform industry

There’s no doubt blockchain technology is an exciting development, with the potential to revolutionize many industry sectors. 

Canadian energy and Alberta: Change on a global scale

Alberta has world-class expertise across the energy spectrum. As disruption continues in the industry, bold ideas and strong partnerships become more important.

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