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indicatorForeign Exchange and Global Trade ATB Financial Markets Update February 2024: Higher for Longer? Or Business as Usual?

ATB Financial Markets Update: February 2024

Watch the experts from ATB's Financial Markets Group address interest rates and foreign exchange trends for February 2024.

Mark Parsons, Chief Economist at ATB Financial speaks at the CED 2024 Economic Outlook event

Navigating uncertainty: insights for Alberta in 2024.

Mark Parsons, ATB’s Chief Economist, took the stage at the 2024 Economic Outlook to discuss the economic forces shaping Alberta’s economy for the year ahead.

CEO of ATB Capital Markets, Darren Eurich

ATB Capital Markets: investing in and boosting Alberta

Headquartered in Alberta, ATB Capital Markets brings full-service corporate and investment banking solutions to Western Canada – and beyond.

David Rosenberg speaking at an ATB Capital Markets event

2023 Outlook: David Rosenberg’s advice for Canadian business

David Rosenberg of Rosenberg Research & Associates shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities to expect this year.

2022 economic year in review

ATB’s Deputy Chief Economist & Managing Director Rob Roach shares the economic stories of 2022 and what to expect in 2023.

Advice for businesses in Alberta’s transitioning economy

ATB’s Deputy Chief Economist & Managing Director Rob Roach shares how Alberta businesses can address the economic challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our province.

From re-opening to re-building: Alberta’s economy 2022

Todd Hirsch explores the pitfalls and the possibilities of Alberta’s and Canada’s pandemic economy, and will challenge us to not just re-open, but to re-build.

Recovery and growth for the energy sector

How consolidation, tech and sustainability are pushing energy and cleantech companies to be more efficient and increase profitability.

Alberta’s petrochemicals are a long-term path to economic diversification

The petrochemicals sector is a bright spot for Alberta’s long-term economic recovery with an opportunity to grow by more than $30 billion by 2030.

Five economic truths to unlearn: Alberta's economy post-pandemic

Todd Hirsch, vice-president and chief economist at ATB Financial, explores five economic “truths” to unlearn as we move through, and out of, the pandemic.

The future of adapting to unwanted change

Todd Hirsch and Rob Roach discuss the common traits shared by the people and businesses that successfully adapted when facing unwanted change.

The future of banking is open, and client-focused

ATB Financial’s President & CEO Curtis Stange explains what banking might look like in the future and why data is the new commodity for banks.

The future of retail is dual-shopping experiences

Alberta retail leaders share their tips on knowing your customer and meeting their needs in a digital world.

Adapting to Alberta's changing economy

ATB's Vice-President and Chief Economist Todd Hirsch gives an honest look at Alberta’s economy and provides expert insight into how we can move towards a better future.

FX Risk Management Framework

A strategic risk management framework can help mitigate risk and protect your business from the impact of swinging currency exchange rates.

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