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Recovery and growth for the energy sector

By ATB Financial 1 April 2021

The one constant thing in the energy and cleantech sectors is change, says William Lacey, Managing Director and Head of Research, ATB Capital Markets.

Years of difficult economic realities have demanded Alberta’s energy companies embrace innovation, push environmental, social and governance (ESG) forward and drive greater efficiency—and they’ve stepped up to the challenge. Now, they’re ready to apply the lessons learned to contribute to accelerating Alberta’s recovery.

“The energy sector is resilient, adaptive, and is well positioned to succeed going forward,” adds Lacey.

In this video, Lacey addresses key questions about the sectors’ recovery, including:

  • How access to capital is expected to change in 2021
  • What role technology will take in shaping the energy sector
  • Emerging trends that are impacting the future of the industry

Learn how consolidation, technology and sustainability are pushing energy and cleantech companies to be more efficient and increase profitability.

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