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ATB Business Summit 2023

The 2023 ATB Business Summit gathered industry experts to share their insights on the issues affecting businesses right now.

Let's solve today's challenges and explore tomorrow's opportunities together.

Running a business is more complicated than ever. At our 2023 Business Summit, we explored some of the big issues impacting business owners and leaders today. AI, the modern workplace, global events, uncertain markets: all present challenges—and opportunities. See what experts such as Steve Cadigan, Catherine Murray, Justin Reilly and Evan Solomon had to say.

Embracing AI. Is your business ready?

Justin Reilly outlines five considerations for businesses thinking of adopting artificial intelligence. It’s about more than the tech—it’s about your employees and customers too.

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Growing your business in the economy of today and tomorrow

How do you figure out your next move, never mind remain competitive? Business news anchor Catherine Murray shares the “dots” she’s connecting and how you can maintain your edge.

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The radical transformation of a modern workplace

Steve Cadigan, First CHRO of LinkedIn and Future of Work Expert, illustrates how the workplace has irrevocably changed and how to navigate this new world successfully.

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Growth or exit? Maximize the value of your business

If you’re considering transitioning out of your business, whether by a growth or exit strategy, here’s how to set that transition up for success.

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Eurasia Group’s top 10 global economic and political risks for 2023–24

MarPolitical risk consultant Evan Solomon outlined Eurasia Group’s top 10 global economic and political risks for 2023 and 2024.

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