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Inclusive Talent Systems

Indigenous man speaking to attendees at ATB's Spirit North event

While ATB has often been recognized as a Great Place to Work™ and one of the Best Workplaces™ for Inclusion, we know there’s more work to be done to ensure all team members have access to safer spaces, and equitable access to opportunities within our organization.

PAR Certification

As part of our commitment to becoming more inclusive, and advancing recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we’re working towards Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). 

ATB is a PAR Committed organization and is required to submit regular reports of our activities. We intend to undergo external verification of our performance in the future so that we may become PAR Gold organization.

Team Member Networks

Team member networks (TMNs) are employee resource groups that help build awareness and inclusive safer spaces that benefit team members. TMNs do this by:

  • Raising awareness of the unique nature of a particular community;
  • Developing metrics to ensure accountability and objectives are being measured;
  • Strategically aligning to the business, seeing and seizing innovation and growth that are related to that community; and
  • Translating the TMNs’ unique perspective into solutions that meet growth objectives across channels, brand, community and the enterprise.

One major benefit that TMNs bring to their members is support. TMNs establish a support group of people who share common stories and lived experiences. These groups also provide fellowship and friendship, professional development, and the potential to create more equality for their members.

There are eight team member networks at ATB:

  • Black Team Member Network
  • Indigenous Network
  • Ellevate Women’s Network
  • Pride Network 
  • Filipino Network
  • South Asian Network 
  • Abilities Network
  • Mental Health Action Team (MHAT)

Black TMN Mentorship

The network has a mentorship program where Black team members are matched with team members and leaders from various parts of the organization who work with them for growth in their chosen or desired career paths. 

Events, Community Engagement & Involvement

BTMN carries out internal and external engagements which not only helps our team members, but also brings clients to ATB. The network has established strategic partnerships with the National Black Coalition of Canada (NBCC), Startup Edmonton, ATBx and the ATB Entrepreneur Centre who it currently works with to develop financial literacy programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. 

This allows Black team members the means to volunteer for leadership opportunities and gain meaningful experience.

Mental Health Action Team (MHAT)

Through its core team of 25 volunteers and community of over 600 team members, MHAT supports key mental health awareness initiatives, including the annual National Mental Health Awareness Week and National Depression Screening Day. Throughout the year, the MHAT community hosts an ATB-wide discussion forum on mental health in order to heighten awareness of mental health issues and provide connection to community resources.


In the past year, Ellevate created awareness during International Women’s Day by anonymously sharing the powerful stories of women from within the company and asking senior leaders (including our CEO) to respond —followed up with a series of pre-recorded videos to activate allies through meaningful discussion. Ellevate members also took part in the UN/PRI Blueprint Project, alongside companies such as IKEA, Starbucks, Unilever and Telus. By participating in these workshops, they helped create a blueprint and roadmap for other companies in the Canadian private sector, defining what gender equality should look like and how organizations can advance it internally.

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