Indigenous Relations

Corporate Inclusion

Develop meaningful relationships through engagement and support.

The Corporate Inclusion pillar includes corporate procurement, community engagement and research, PAR management, government and community relations, community initiatives and corporate giving.

Indigenous Economic Assessment Report of Alberta

ATB Financial and MNP have partnered to undertake a study of the Indigenous economy in Alberta to highlight the significant economic contributions of Indigenous Peoples. We undertook this project because ATB and MNP feel that education, awareness and understanding is important for moving forward together on Truth and Reconciliation in a meaningful way. Read the report here.

PAR Certification

As part of our commitment to becoming more inclusive, and advancing recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we’re working towards Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

ATB is a PAR Committed organization and is required to submit regular reports of our activities. We will undergo external verification of our performance in the future so that we may become a PAR Gold organization.

We’re here for the greater good

For ATB, being in business for the greater good is about driving greater social impact and uplifting the economic wellbeing of Albertans. For examples, areas of focus and donation criteria, read on.


We sponsor the kind of events and organizations that make our province better, and an audience ATB would like to connect with. Learn more about our three areas of focus and eligibility.

Community Initiatives
Supporting Indigenous Communities

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2019

Two ATB team members share their stories of language.

How one Indigenous woman entrepreneur started 3 businesses

Indigenous entrepreneurs are applying core community principles in order to thrive, despite the complex, interconnected barriers challenging success.

5 ways organizations approach business differently

Economic reconciliation requires that Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous organizations must recognize each difference in approach to business processes.

Advance economic reconciliation

Indigenous leaders share how non-Indigenous businesses can advance sustainable opportunities for economic reconciliation alongside organizational growth.

Four teachings to cultivate your leadership skills

Indigenous entrepreneur Kendal Netmaker shares key lessons on cultivating leadership skills both within and outside business.

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