Community Donations

Donation guidelines

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Before you apply

Reading through these guidelines now can save you valuable time by ensuring your application is eligible before you apply.

Should I apply for a donation or a sponsorship?

Donations are financial contributions to a charitable organization motivated by a desire to benefit the community, and without expectation of a return on investment.

Sponsorships are strategic partnerships negotiated with an organization or event holder that secure funding for the organization or event—in exchange for the sponsor’s access to audiences or involvement in specific initiatives that help the sponsor to achieve its brand and/or business objectives.

Donation Criteria

We support organizations and causes that uplift the wellbeing of Albertans, and that are working to advance the following:

  • Mental health
  • Inclusive communities
  • Innovation in children & youth
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Sustainable development


We like to see:

  • Applications from organizations whose primary activities uplift Alberta and Albertans.
  • Measurable outputs and outcomes associated with your organization and initiative.

We do not make donations to the following:

  • Conferences, forums, trade shows, conventions or seminars
  • Fundraising events or capital campaigns
  • Film, video, television, book and digital productions (reach out to the Branch for Arts & Culture for borrowing and lending options for artists)
  • Individuals or individual pursuits
  • Political, lobbying, or advocacy groups and events
  • Clubs and associations funded through fees
  • Religious activities
  • Sports teams, competitions and tournaments
  • Student or alumni associations
  • Projects that are part of the ongoing responsibility of governments (eg. school operations, health programs, municipal programs, etc.)

What to expect:

Are you eligible based on the above donation criteria? If yes, you can move forward with your application.

ATB donation committees review applications every two months. We strive to inform applicants of their approval within 90 days of the date we received their request.


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Ready to apply?

If you’ve confirmed that you’re eligible according to the donation criteria above, we welcome your application.

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