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ATB Investor Services

Trust is everything

Dear Alberta,

We don’t like what’s happened in our industry. Investors are now doubting their investment firms, even the ones who have their best interests at heart. We know investing is about more than just your money. It’s about your life and your future. Your family’s security. Your happiness! We hold this outrageous belief that banking can change people’s lives for the better. And we don’t just believe it—we accomplish it by doing things most banks won’t do.

ATB Investor Services was created 15 years ago because we felt the investment industry was overly complex and confusing for Canadian investors. Since then, the industry has grown to be even more complicated, with too much focus on sales rather than doing what’s right for clients while often hiding the true costs of investing. We believe this needs to change. Since Day One, our goal has been to make investing simple and transparent.

We’d like to lead the charge on changing the industry for the better by asking questions, listening to your concerns and sharing helpful information, with the goal of helping investors be more successful. And though it might not make us popular with our peers, we will call out those practices that benefit the industry, but leave you confused and feeling taken advantage of.

This all starts with a promise to listen and a resolve to change and be open about our behaviours. Every day.

Our industry has the capacity to change and be worthy of your full trust, but we need your voice. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, we’re all ears.


Chris Turchansky
Chris Turchansky
President, ATB Investor Services

Chris Turchansky

Thank you for speaking up and speaking out.

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