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Founded in 2002, ATB Investment Management Inc. (ATBIM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATB Financial (ATB). ATBIM operates as a portfolio manager and investment fund manager under the registered trade name ATB Wealth, which manages approximately $25 billion on behalf of Albertans.

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Our industry-leading, human-centric advisory approach creates undeniable value by helping our clients plan for all life’s moments and by using our expertise to provide the greatest chance of achieving the returns they need, while effectively managing risk.

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ATB Investment Management Inc. provides strategic, purposeful investment portfolios for all investor types. Whether you’re a cautious or bold investor or somewhere in between, we have a portfolio that will help you reach your financial goals.

Our portfolios are easy to understand, allow you to customize exposure to geographic markets and asset classes and are made of assets with a history of compounding returns that are well positioned to deliver long-term value growth for our clients.

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Our approach, including a smart asset mix for globally diversified portfolios and prudent risk management, gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters. Visit the ATB Investment Management Inc. site or call us today.

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