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Wealth Management

Investing is about more than just your money. You need options that not only match your goals, but who you are as a person. ATB Investor Services gives you the choices you need to become the investor you want to be.

​​ATB Prosper

Start a plan with ATB Prosper in less than 5 minutes.​​

Find a Financial Advisor

Our financial advisors cover almost every community in Alberta. Browse our list of experts to find the in-person investment advice you need—no matter where you are in your investment journey.

Not sure where to start and want to talk to someone right away? Call our Advice Centre team at 1-888-282-3863. We’ll provide the guidance you need to feel comfortable and educated about what to do next.​​​​​​​​​

Private Investment Counsel

ATB Investment Management Inc.’s Private Investment Counsel team has an unmatched understanding of Alberta’s local culture and economy—able to offer advice on the discre​tionary investment needs of family businesses, urban professionals, snowbirds, farmers, ranchers, Hutterite colonies and others.​

​Group Investment Services

Group Investment Services supports the well-being of your employees with a competitive and strategic HR benefits package that helps them invest in their future.

Institutional Portfolio Management

Our portfolio managers work with not-for-profits, municipalities, foundations, unions and pensions to help manage and grow their investment assets—serving clients whose portfolios might not get the attention and care they deserve from other firms.​​​

ATB Insurance Advisors Inc.

Our team of insurance advisors covers most of Alberta, providing expertise on all kinds of risk management and insurance needs. Contact an advisor or review available solutions.​​



Drawing on expertise from across ATB, Navigate is geared to providing valuable advice for wealthy Albertans and institutional investors navigating opportunities and challenges in today's world.


Investor Beat

Based on an in-depth province-wide survey, we get to know a whole range of Alberta investors - from those just starting out to well-off individuals nearing retirement. We also check in on how the current economic conditions are affecting Albertans.


​​ATB Prosper, financial advisors, Group Investment Services, and the Advice Centre are services provided by ATB Securities Inc. Private Investment Counsel and Institutional Portfolio Management are services provided by ATB Investment Management Inc.. ATB Securities Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. ATB Investment Management Inc., ATB Securities Inc. and ATB Insurance Advisors Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of ATB Financial and operate under the trade name ATB Investor Services.
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