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Charitable Foundation

Create a community or private foundation or a donor advised fund through ATB Investor Services Foundation. Your invested donations create grants for charity.

A benefit to you, a benefit to the world. It’s time to make your philanthropic vision a reality. The ATB Investor Services Foundation allows you to establish a donor advised fund. ​​

It’s a charitable gifting plan with tax savings you will realize immediately. Donations are disbursed to your chosen charities over time, ensuring your gift has a greater impact and your philanthropic legacy lives well into the future.

Here's how it works:
  • Give - Your donation is made to the ATB Investor Services Foundation and a donor advised fund is established and given a name. A charitable tax receipt is issued to you for the initial gift and any subsequent gifts you make
  • Invest - Proceeds are invested in your donor advised fund according to the strategy you’ve decided upon. A portion of the fund is distributed annually to your chosen charities, with the balance remaining invested.
  • Grant - You provide recommendations to the ATB Investor Services Foundation about the grants that are to be made with your gift.
    While your philanthropic vision comes to life, administration and Canada Revenue Agency reporting are taken care of for you.
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What is the best way to achieve your long-term philanthropic goals? Compare your options here:

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When you're ready to create a lasting legacy for you and your family, arrange to speak with an ATB Investor Services Financial Advisor.

To view the ATB Investor Services Foundation brochure, click here.

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