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When wealth grows, so does the need for expert investment guidance.

ATB Investment Management Inc.’s Private Investment Counsel
service provides peace of mind through specialist expertise and


It’s a service built on in-depth knowledge of our clients, financial acumen from CFA charterholders and experience with the situations encountered by wealthy Albertans and our institutions.

We place clients’ interests first, and we do it through independence, by being ethical in performing our fiduciary duty and by applying an approach that addresses investors’ behavioural tendencies. We are committed to demonstrating this value consistently, respecting the people we work for and delivering results.

As you grow your organization, achieve success with your agricultural operation or reach new heights in your career, your needs change. You need to work with a financial service provider you can trust. As a group of investment counselors, we work diligently to maintain and grow a service that Albertans are proud of.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To date, Albertans have entrusted over $4 billion to Private Investment Counsel.


Cory Boddy, CFP, CFA
Director & Investment Counselor

Curtis Huska, CFA, CFP
Director & Investment Counselor

Ralph Jaglal, CFA, CFP
Director & Investment Counselor

Daniel Spencer, CFA, CFP
Director & Investment Counselor

Tyler Simms, CFA
Director & Investment Counselor

Ken Soderquist, CFA
Director & Investment Counselor

Jason Maniotakis, CFA
Director and Investment Counselor

James Chisholm, CFA, CPA, CMA
Vice President, Private Investment Counsel + Wealth Solutions

Thang Phung
Director & Investment Counselor

Travis Higgins, CFA
Associate Investment Counselor

What is the Compass Portfolio Series?

The Compass Portfolio Series is a comprehensive series of strategic asset allocation models, each designed to meet an investor’s unique profile and objectives. They are single investments providing multiple benefits to the investor. Thorough diversification and cost effective investment strategies are employed to deliver a superior risk-adjusted rate of return.

For more information on the Compass Portfolio Series or investing in mutual funds, please visit or refer to the prospectus.

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