How to delete or edit INTERAC® recipients on ATB Online

Learn how to quickly and easily delete or edit an INTERAC e-Transfer® recipient on ATB Online banking.

  1. Log in to ATB Online
  2. From the Accounts screen, click Interac e-Transfer® in the primary navigation
  3. From the Send Money screen, click Manage Recipients in the
    secondary navigation
  4. To delete a recipient:
    1. Find the recipient you wish to delete and click the trash can icon at the end of that row
    2. Review and verify your request, then click Submit
  5. To edit a recipient:
    1. Under the Name column, click the linked name of the recipient you
      want to edit
    2. Modify some or all of the fields displayed on the Modify Recipient screen - Name, Email Address, Security Question, Security Answer
    3. Click Next when the changes are complete
    4. Review and verify the recipient details then click Submit
    5. If you’ve enrolled in two-factor authentication, you may be challenged to verify your identity

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