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How to set approval rules for the Corporate Admin on ATB Business

Learn how to set approval rules for the Corporate Admin role on the ATB Business online banking platform.

Approval rules for the Corporate Admin role

Companies in ATB Business have one Corporate Admin. They’re the user that maintains Roles, Users and their Permissions in the ATB Business platform. The Corporate Admin role is subject to workflow approval rules if they’ve been set at the business level by ATB. This would usually happen when the account is being set up or if there's any major changes to how the company is set up for online banking.

It's very important that, when there’s an Approval rule in place, roles are selected to approve actions made by the Corporate Admin role. If a Corporate Admin goes to either create a transaction or manage users and roles without these approver roles selected, then a workflow will be generated that nobody can see or action on.

Let’s review how to set up and edit approval rules for the Corporate Admin role. Under Roles & Users, go to the Roles tab and click on the Corporate Admin role. Click through the different services & permissions sections listed on the left to see the different Approval rules.

First, check under Administration permissions to see if the Approval rules have been set. If you need to set Approval rules, click Edit role. Click Next to skip changing the role name and description.

Under Administration permissions, you can now select the roles you want approvals to be sent to when a Corporate Admin performs an action to Manage users or Manage roles. Anytime the Corporate Admin makes changes to Roles or Users, it will trigger a workflow to the users that are in the roles you selected.

Now let’s take a look at how this same process works for a payment functionality, like Interac e-Transfer®.

Under Interac e-Transfer Send Permissions, you’ll see the approval rules set for the Corporate Admin role. Select the roles that can approve an e-Transfer made by the Corporate Admin. Click the checkbox beside the role(s) you want to give approval.

Once you've made all the necessary changes, click Next. This will take you to a verification screen where you can see all of the changes that you've made to that role. Click Save edits to confirm.

Now, when you look at the Services & Permissions for the Corporate Admin role, you can see that those roles have been selected.

The approval rules for all the other payment functionalities under Services & Permissions will look the same and can generally be edited in the same way.

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