How to request money using INTERAC e-Transfer® on ATB Personal

Learn how to request money from a Canadian person or business using INTERAC e-Transfer on the ATB Personal banking website.

Using the ATB Personal app instead?

Learn how to request money using INTERAC e-Transfer® in the ATB Personal app.

Splitting a bill, borrowing from a friend or getting money you’re owed is easier than ever with Interac e-Transfer Request Money. It's a simple, secure and fast way to get yourself paid using ATB Personal. To use this tutorial, you’ll need to have an Interac® profile set up.

  1. Log in to ATB Personal.
  2. From the Overview screen, click Move Money in the primary navigation.
  3. From the Move Money menu, click Interac e-Transfer.®
  4. On the Interac e-Transfer screen, in the Request money tab, select the recipient you want to Request money from.
    1. If you need to add a recipient, click the Add recipient link.
  5. Select the account the requested funds will be deposited into (Deposit account).
  6. Enter the Amount you’re requesting.
  7. If you want, you can write a Message (400 characters max, letters, numbers and spaces only) for the recipient.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Review and verify all information you entered, including your legal name—it will be included in the request for security purposes.
  10. Click Send to complete the request.
  11. You're all done!

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