How to transfer money between your accounts in ATB Personal

Learn how to transfer money between your deposit accounts or lines of credit in your ATB Personal app.

With ATB Personal, it's never been easier to move funds between your chequing and savings accounts, even your line of credit.

  1. Log in to your ATB Personal app
  2. From the Overview screen, tap Move money in the primary navigation
    1. Alternatively, tap the Transfer quick link under any deposit account
  3. From the Move money menu, tap Transfer between accounts
  4. On the Transfer Between Accounts screen, in the One-time transfer tab, select the account you wish to make the transfer From
  5. Select the account you wish to make the transfer To
    1. If accounts of different currencies (e.g. CAD and USD) are selected, multiple amount inputs will appear 
  6. Enter the Amount you wish to transfer
    1. Whichever currency you choose to enter the amount in (CAD or USD), the converted amount will automatically be shown in the other currency along with the quoted exchange rate
    2. Should you change your selections of To and From accounts, the order of related amount inputs will change along with the associated exchange rate
  7. Leave the transfer date (When) as is or schedule a one-time transfer in the future by changing the date
    1. Cross-currency transfers cannot be scheduled for future dates
    2. You can also schedule recurring transfers (same currency transfers only)
  8. Tap Submit
  9. Review and verify the transfer information, then tap Transfer to complete the transfer
  10. You will then be shown a Confirmation screen


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