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Creating a financial plan - what’s with all the questions?

By ATB Wealth 29 May 2020 1 min read

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There is a French culinary phrase “mise en place,” which translates to “putting in place,” or “everything in its place.” It refers to the system a chef uses to gather, arrange and prepare the tools and ingredients required prior to the cooking of a meal. This elaborate process ensures everything necessary is at hand for the creation of the ultimate dining experience.


Seeking advice and working with a financial advisor to develop your financial plan involves a similar focused preparation process. Much like a chef’s mise en place, your advisor will work through a discovery process with you, ensuring they have all the information required for a comprehensive plan that reflects your values and addresses your unique situation.


Think of your financial advisor as your own personal chef that is working with you to create the ultimate planning experience. To do so, your advisor requires a significant amount of information about you, including your life and financial goals, your values, your fears, your financial situation, family dynamics, etc. This discovery process involves both quantitative and qualitative data, and the extent of the data varies depending on the scope of your plan.


Whether you want to provide for your children’s education, protect your family if something unexpected happens, establish a successful business, create a charitable legacy, or maybe even all of these, a well thought out plan can help get you there.


With complete and accurate information, your ATB Wealth advisor will work with you to create a personalized financial plan that sets out the course for achieving your goals and living the life you aspire to.

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