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The value of having a financial plan

By ATB Wealth 19 May 2020 1 min read

Does saving more, living well and experiencing a higher level of contentment in your life sound good to you? Do you want confidence that you can deal with financial challenges in life?

These are just some of the benefits of having a comprehensive financial plan according to a three-year study involving nearly 15,000 Canadians commissioned by FP Canada. In addition, 81% of survey participants with a comprehensive financial plan said they are on track with their financial affairs, compared to only 44% of those with no financial plan.1

What’s important to you? Whether you aspire to create a successful business, provide for your children’s education, maximize your current standard of living, build a retirement nest egg, create a legacy, or maybe even all of the above, a financial plan will lay out the required steps to accomplish your goals.

Although your dreams may represent your desired goals, it is your plan that prioritizes what needs to be done, provides benchmarks to measure your progress and monitors how well you are doing. Your financial plan is how you make your dreams come true.

A financial plan provides you with a game plan for your life. Working with a qualified advisor to create a plan will help you clarify your vision for the future, identifying your short, medium and long term goals. Your advisor can help you prioritize your goals and create both offensive and defensive strategies to reach those goals and ultimately achieve your dreams. If you have been sitting on the sidelines with your finances, it’s now time to get in the game.

Looking for more information on retirement? Check out our step-by-step retirement guide—it’s here to help lead you through every stage of your retirement journey.

Still not convinced? Intimidated by the process? Think that planning is only for the wealthy? Don’t know where to start? An ATB Wealth advisor can work with you to create a personalized financial plan that will provide you with an increased sense of well-being and the peace of mind of knowing you are on the right path to reaching your financial and lifestyle goals.

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