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Tax and Protection

One of the only certainties in life.

Develop a tax strategy that complements your larger financial plan.

A developed tax strategy can have a significant impact on your income and growth, during working years and in retirement.

Tax considerations for snowbirds

Before heading south this winter, make sure you know the potential implications that come with an extended stay in the US, owning US property, and the US estate tax.

4 tips for tax filing season

Here are 4 solid tips to get you on your way to tackle tax season with confidence.

Understanding your personal taxes in Alberta

An overview of how to calculate your personal tax rate, including basic tax concepts and how the amount of tax you pay is determined.

Five tax and investment planning tips for 2022 year-end

Make sure you’re taking advantage of year-end planning opportunities including charitable donations, registered account contributions and tax-loss selling.

The simple way to reduce tax in a market downturn

Tax-loss selling can be a solution for investors who want to reduce their tax burden. Learn more about this strategy and if it might be the right one for you.

'Tis the season for charitable giving

Considering a charitable gift before year-end? Learn more about the tax advantages and how this can reduce the after-tax cost of your donation.

Understanding adjusted cost base, and calculating your capital gains

Multiple investments and transactions? You’ll need to know how to determine your adjusted cost base - we explain how.

2022 federal budget: housing a focus in new tax and benefit changes

2022 federal budget announcements including the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account and Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax Credit.

Home office expenses, automobile benefits for 2021 tax return

Information about how working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 could impact your 2021 personal tax return.

2021 federal fiscal update: tax and benefit highlights

Tax and benefit highlights for business owners and individuals from the 2021 fiscal update.

Navigating the COVID subsidies: CEWS and CRHP

CEWS and CRHP are designed to help employers with their labour costs as we emerge from the pandemic, but each program is designed for different situations.

Immediate tax deduction for capital expenses

Tax, cash flow and financing topics to consider if your business is planning to acquire significant capital assets in the coming year.

Naming children or grandchildren as your RRSP or RRIF beneficiaries

Understanding the impact of designating children or grandchildren as beneficiaries and the taxation on your RRSP or RRIF account on your death is essential.

Naming your partner as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF

Understand the methods available to pass the value of your RRSP or RRIF account to your partner and what to do in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Federal budget: pandemic supports extended, tax and benefit highlights

2021 federal budget announcements including pandemic supports, tax highlights, increases to OAS for those age 75 or older and a Canada-wide child care system.

Your 2020 personal tax return: COVID-19 benefits and tax planning

If you received benefits related to COVID-19, you should be aware of the tax implications and requirements for reporting when completing your tax filings.

Principal residence exemption

Learn about the CRA’s principal residence exemption for Canadians and what types of properties qualify as well as when to use this exemption to your advantage.

Tax considerations for rental and investment properties

Do you own or are you considering the purchase of a rental property? Learn about some common tax considerations for rental and investment properties.

Tax and investment planning tips for 2020 year end

With 2020 soon coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about year-end tax and investment planning. 

Understanding Alberta’s 2021 eligible dividend tax rate change

Alberta residents should expect a tax increase for eligible dividends in 2021. Here are the details.

Prescribed rate loans: an income splitting opportunity

How you can use a prescribed rate loan for transferring income from a higher income-earning family member to a lower income-earning family member, such as a spouse.

Clouds covering mountains

2020 Alberta budget tax and benefit highlights

Tax and benefit highlights of the 2020-2021 Alberta provincial budget that was presented by President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, Travis Toews.

What is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is an American law that aims to prevent US taxpayers from using accounts held outside the US to evade American taxes

What is Common Reporting Standard (CRS)?

Common reporting standard, or CRS, is an international organization aimed at preventing tax evasion.

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