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A transparent investment philosophy

Investing is about more than just money. It’s about your life and future. So, we listen to your concerns, charge no “front load” commissions or redemption fees, and use an approach targeted to your goals so you can make clear, confident decisions.

Custom solutions for all investors

Whether you’re just starting out, primed to grow your existing investments or have considerable wealth to manage, we can help you make smart, timely decisions. Your ATB Wealth® advisor will help you design a custom plan for your personal or family finances and connect you to other ATB specialists.

Working with your experts

Our goal is to ensure your plan is comprehensive and fits your current needs now and into the future. We can work with your existing established experts (i.e tax professionals, accountants, lawyers) to help achieve your goals. After all, your team and our team have the same goal in mind—your happiness, success and security.

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Just beginning your investment journey? ATB Prosper makes it easy to start investing with as little as $100 and make additional contributions as small as $25. The easy-to-use digital platform lets you open an account and create a personalized investment plan in just a few minutes. Hit the ground running, set goals and track progress on your personalized dashboard.

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Knowing what you’re saving for drives what you choose to invest in.

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