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Weather conditions left their mark in 2021, but better years are ahead. We’ve been helping producers through highs and lows for over 80 years.

Cash flow relief to help you and your farm

Extreme weather in Alberta this year isn’t entirely new to producers, but there are no cookie-cutter solutions for the financial outcomes. Every agricultural situation and every farm is unique. While you plan your next move, ATB can provide options to manage cash flow today and get ready for the season ahead.

Financial solutions and advice to help plan your next move

Farms face different decisions and challenges from immediate cash flow, to input decisions, and growth opportunities. The right financial solution not only solves immediate cash flow needs, but also sets you up for next season to get ready for what’s ahead.

As a producer with short term cash flow needs, taking advantage of the new ATB Agriculture Loan Payment Deferral program could make sense.

Our program can help you:

  • Cover one-off harvest expense increases, shipment delays, unusual low crop quality, high feed costs or insurance claim delays.
  • Get a payment deferral which is a short-term solution to a cash flow problem. Although interest still accrues on the loan during the deferral period, a payment is not required.

For some of you, poor weather will test your resilience through the winter, spring, and into next season. Lower yields along with harvest expenses, feed costs and the wait for insurance and government support can cause financial stress. Getting ready for the season ahead comes with a financial solution that’s right for your business.

Your ATB relationship manager can do an in-depth review of your financial needs and chat with you about an action plan.

History has taught us that chatting with a relationship manager early offers a plan with more available options.

Jonathan Neutens, Vice President, Agriculture
"Primary producers are the backbone of Alberta’s growing agriculture and agri-food sector. ATB’s job is to provide the solutions and advice that keeps that backbone strong."

Jonathan Neutens

Vice President, Agriculture

ATB agriculture loans with payment deferral options

ATB Farmland Financing

Farm financing with interest-only payment options. For a limited time, payment deferrals are also available.

ATB Agriculture Term Loans

Payment deferrals on ATB Agriculture Term Loans are available for a limited time. Chat with your ATB relationship manager today.

Agricultural Equipment Financing and Leases

Learn more about payment deferrals on Agricultural Equipment Financing and Leases. Speak with an ATB relationship manager for options.

Frequently asked questions

Your relationship manager can chat with you to see if you are eligible , but here’s some general guidelines:

  1. The payment(s) being deferred will take place between August 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022
  2. All of your loans must be current, terms are up to date, and the loan in question cannot presently be under payment deferral
  3. Your accounts are in good standing and overdraft isn’t more than 30 days past due
  4. Your business is in good financial credit health

Although interest continues to accrue on the loan, you do not need to make your payment during the deferral period. Your relationship manager can walk you through your options for the deferred payment after the period is over.

If your loan is not part of the payment deferral program, our ag specialists are available to discuss your needs and options. Please reach out to your ATB contact or complete the form below to initiate a connection. 

Now is the time to speak with an ATB relationship manager

Complete this form today and one of our ag team members will contact you in two business days. We look forward to getting to know you and your operation, and helping you take the next step.

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