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Operating Loan

We’ve made some recent changes to the Ag Operating Loan.

Now you may have the opportunity to borrow more. Talk to your Relationship Manager today.

Help meet your expenses through daily and seasonal cash flow fluctuations.

Apply just once

Once you apply and are approved, you're good to go! We'll review annually, and there's no need for you to reapply.

Cover all your bases

Use the Operating Loan to cover the day-to-day expenses of running your operation.

Pay for what you use

Only pay monthly interest on the amount of the loan you use, so feel free to use as much or little as your operations demand.

Key product details

Interest rate Variable
Term range & payment Renewed annually; connected to a deposit account with payments and repayments automatically flowing in and out
Amount Up to 100% financing available
Repayment Flexible terms; Interest paid monthly on outstanding balance

Frequently Asked Questions

If your borrowing needs are under $50,000, an ATB Mastercard® may be a more convenient option for you. For more information on the right solution for your business, contact an ATB business expert. 

Use your ATB operating loan to:​

  • Finance accounts receivable​
  • Cover daily operating expenses
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts and deals
  • Avoid late payment penalties
  • Reduce interest costs

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Take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities, or support your operations between payments. Help balance your cash flow with an Operating Loan.

​Find the right loan for your agriculture business.

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