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Canadian Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP) Loan

Get your small business growing through government funding.

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Qualified entrepreneurs can apply for financing to establish a start-up or improve their small business.

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With Industry Canada and ATB working together to manage your risk, you can focus on what you do best—running your successful business.

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To assist entrepreneurs, we offer ATB X in combination with CSBFP, allowing you the customized financing you need to thrive.

Key product details

Interest rate Prime + 3%
Fees Registration: 2% of total loan amount1
Application: 0.5% of total loan amount

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an existing or start-up small business operating in Canada with a gross annual revenue of a maxium $10 million, you’re in! That includes sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations or qualifying cooperatives. You should also be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status.

Note: Religious, not-for-profit and charitable organizations, as well as farms and commercial/residential rental properties are not eligible.

For purchasing or improving equipment, or to purchase leasehold improvements, you can get up to $350,000. If you're looking to purchase or improve real property, you can qualify for up to $1,000,000. Just keep in mind that funds are limited to the cost of eligible assets, and proof of purchase is required. To learn more, visit the Government of Canada site.

Working capital, inventory, borrower’s labour, marketing costs and franchise fees are costs not eligible under the program. Also, farming, religious organizations, not-for-profit or charitable organizations and commercial or residential rental properties don’t qualify for this loan. To learn more, visit the Government of Canada site

If you don't qualify for the CSBFA Program, don't sweat it! Our experts will be able to direct you towards other options.

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Starting or growing a small business takes courage—and financing. Working with the federal government, we're here to help you thrive!

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