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Purpose driven organizations need purpose driven strategies.

Whether you’re a new non-profit organization, or have been operating for years, we’re here to help you fine tune your day-to-day operations so you can get back to doing what you do best. Which is helping the people and the communities that you serve.

Insights and advice for non-profits

A series of educational webinars designed for the non-profit sector.

Alberta leads in charitable donations

The latest data from Statistics Canada show that the median charitable donation claimed by Alberta tax filers in 2019 was $500.

How non-profits can use social finance and entrepreneurship to thrive

Learn how non-profit organizations can use social finance and social entrepreneurism to build resilience and sustainability during tumultuous times and beyond.

The NEW Experience Economy research

Stone-Olafson shares findings on current consumer behaviors and insight into what the research means for the non-profit sector through two 60 minute webinars.

What non-profit organizations need to know about fraud

Helpful tips when it comes to understanding and preventing fraud.

Fraud prevention strategies and considerations

Fraud tactics that the non-profit sector should be aware of and strategies to prevent fraud from happening in the first place.

6 reasons non-profits should consider crowdfunding

Why non-profits should use crowdfunding, tips for effective crowdfunding, and crowdfunding websites to consider.

Social enterprise in Alberta—with four local business owners

We connected with two local businesses and their founders, and asked them a few questions all about social enterprise and how it fits into their journey of entrepreneurship.

Understanding your audiences as the province re-opens from lockdowns

The findings of The NEW Experience Economy look deeper at Albertan’s attitudes on comfort as things reopen, a shift in spending habits and insights around media messages.

Alberta Music: How ATB partners with arts organizations

How ATB partners with organizations like Alberta Music in Alberta through The Branch for Arts and Culture.

ATB wants to revolutionize banking for your arts-focused non-profit

Learn how ATB is revolutionizing the way art-focused non-profits like Alberta Music do their banking.

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