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You’ve put in a lot of work into growing your business from a start up to a success story. What happens next? Let's explore some effective succession strategies that will help you be streamline planning and be fully prepared for your transition. Whatever that may be!

Business Transition Guide

Learn the steps you should take to successfully sell and transition out of your business.

When should you start business transition planning?

At any time a life change could require an immediate business transition, which is why the time for business owners to begin transition planning is now.

Setting goals during the transition planning process

When business owners decide to move on from their companies, laying out specific goals and deadlines will make the transition a much smoother process.

Succession planning and tips for value optimization as a KPI

Find the best path to boosting the value of your business before you begin to transition away from your company.

Transition planning: bringing shareholders into the fold

Business owners thinking about the process of transitioning into retirement should focus on the needs of two key groups: shareholders and stakeholders

Trusted advisors to help you navigate transition planning

While your team may provide excellent advice on your day-to-day operations, business transitions requires additional expertise.

Business valuation: understanding your company’s value

Business valuation is a complex process of evaluating  many factors to determine an objective, independent and realistic appraisal of your enterprise.

The complexities of family dynamics in transition planning

Navigating the complexities of succession and transition planning for your family business.

The emotional journey of business transition planning

With a positive outlook on business transition, business owners making their exit can find comfort in seeing their life’s work handed over to capable hands.

Business transition planning webinar

You’ve put a lot of effort into growing your business. But what happens when you decide it’s time to step aside?

Building emotional resilience during an unexpected business transition

Selling, merging or closing a business is an emotional time for a business owner. Addressing these feelings is crucial to supporting mental health.

A look at estate and business transition planning

Estate and business transition planning are both vital to ensuring peace of mind around your financial affairs, through retirement and well into the future.

What new Canadian entrepreneurs need to know about succession planning

With many new Canadians entering the world of entrepreneurship, having a clear, strategic succession plan will be vital to ensuring long-term financial wellness.

Business transition planning: getting started

Having a detailed business transition plan in place will ensure it’s there when you need it most, leaving little to chance.

So you want to sell your business

There are four key issues to address when selling or buying a business; deal structure, valuation, vision and capital.

Tax considerations when selling your business

Taxes can have a significant impact on the proceeds of selling your business. Here are some tax considerations when selling your business.

Tax efficient estate planning

When two or more individuals own a business together, if one of the owners were to pass away, a spouse could find themselves in the position of being an unintended shareholder. 

Unanimous shareholder agreements

Explore the value of the unanimous shareholder agreement and how it can be a crucial strategy.

The value of family trusts in an estate freeze

Estate freeze planning is one of the most common tax planning strategies available to business-owners in Canada to transition their wealth to the next generation.

Retirement planning for small business owners

Here's a breakdown of the good, bad, and costly habits that affect your credit score.

Pass it on: 5 simple steps to succession planning

How to put together a succession plan to continue preserve your hard-earned success

Earning investment income in a corporation

Investing in a corporation is different than investing as an individual. Learn more about the tax implications that may impact you.

Selling your business & preparing for retirement

Sound advice for entrepreneurs and business owners who are selling their business and preparing for retirement.

Tax and investing for your business in 2019

New rules for taxation of corporate investments in 2019 might require a change in strategy for business owners.

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