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ATB Everywoman Accreditation Program

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Leading the industry in the development of gender intelligent advice, practices and products for women-led and owned businesses starts inside, with our team.

W by ATB provides all ATB team members with access to the ATB Everywoman Accreditation Program, which provides unconscious bias and gender intelligence training that:


  • Educates and inspires team members to better understand the specific drivers and challenges for women in business.
  • Reveals the sociological, cultural, biological and neurological differences in how women make complex decisions.
  • Establishes the importance of providing women leaders and business owners with a trusted advisor who recognizes their goals and unique needs to get there.

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We're here to answer your questions, set up solutions for your business, and provide expert gender intelligent business advice.

Business on her terms.

Trusted and transparent lending experience

Apply for capital in a trusted space. Our second review application process ensures bias was removed, decisions are transparent, and we acted as your partner with expert advice.

Understood, empowered and connected

We’re here for you. As your strategic partner we understand your business needs, empower you with expert advice, and connect you to the right experts within ATB and your industry.

Nikki's experience completing the ATB Everywoman Accreditation Program.

For Nikki, Head of W by ATB, the program was so much more than an educational session.

"When I first completed it, it really was an eye opening experience for me. I walked away from the program and had to take a good hard look at myself. My entire career has been in very male dominated industries, teams, and boardrooms," Nikki explains.

“Without even realizing it, I had developed quite a number of biases, gendered biases,” Nikki shares transparently. “It was going through this program, and taking a good look at myself and reflecting on how I show up in different situations, that was the catalyst for me to become aware of those biases, and start working on them.

“Every single time we run the program, I take something else away, another nugget that I can reflect on and add into my toolkit to support my own personal growth and how I show up in front of our women business owners and leaders.”

“I share this story, because we all have a lot to learn, especially about topics of diversity, inclusion and belonging. I see it as a journey, and will be the first to put my hand up and share that I am at the start of my journey, and have a long way to go.”

Frequently Asked Questions

W by ATB recognizes that women want and need something different from a Financial Institution. Women have different expectations of a relationship with a Financial Institution and inherently think and make decisions differently.

Our mission is to create a banking experience that supports women’s success in a way that aligns with how women show up in this world. Afterall, 50% of businesses started in Alberta are by women. It has been projected that a 10% increase in women owned businesses in Canada could add $198B to our GDP. We envision a world where we power possibilities for women business owners and leaders to be the most successful version of themselves.

W by ATB provides industry expertise and tailored gender-intelligent advice to ATB Business clients, who are women leading and owning established businesses.

If you are an ATB Business client, reach out to your current Relationship Manager or Director to learn more. If you’re not a current ATB Business client and wish to become one, connect with us by filling out this form.

At ATB, we exist to make it possible. We’re more than financial services. In addition to providing expert business and financial advice in almost any industry, W by ATB bridges connections to community partners, and offers networking opportunities, tools and resources dedicated to your success.

Our approach is authentic. To us, it’s more than pink products. We are providing a differentiated experience by starting within our own walls; from the inside-out. All ATB Business team members go through unconscious bias and gender intelligence training through the W by ATB Everywoman Accreditation Program. We are on this journey together!

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