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You take care of your patients.
We’ll take care of your finances.

ATB Wealth provides specialized care for healthcare professionals.

As a healthcare professional, you can trust ATB Wealth to support your financial health

From your beginnings as a student to practicing years and eventual retirement—we bring a deep understanding of your career path and custom wealth management solutions. See what’s possible with preferred financing, and expert advice on retirement, savings, tax and estate planning, and wealth transfer.

Discover expert advice and services for your medical specialty.

Specialized financing for healthcare professionals.

Credit is an important part of your financial journey. From your investment in your education to your practicing years, the right financing can make all the difference. ATB Wealth is proud to offer class-leading financing options for healthcare professionals. Whether you’re looking to finance a new clinic or make a major purchase like specialized equipment for your practice - we’re here to help take care of your financing, so you can take care of your patients.

Connect with an expert

We help you build and preserve wealth for your family and generations to come

Connect with an expert who takes the time to understand your unique financial goals to design personalized, tax-effective plans that ensure your sustained wealth. 

Vickie Burgess

Senior Private Banking Advisor


Cherri Doucette

Senior Private Banking Advisor


Valentina Sokolov

Senior Private Banking Advisor


Henry Bui

Private Banking Advisor


Devan Bell

Senior Private Banking Advisor

Red Deer

Mike Wilson - Senior Private Banker

Mike Wilson

Senior Private Banking Advisor


It's not just your profession—it's also your business

Let's grow them both together with Professional Practice Financing from ATB. Get the tools and resources you need to set up and grow your practice through every stage of the business life cycle.

Tricia Dekker Director of Business Development - Healthcare Professionals

Tricia Decker

Director of Business Development - Healthcare Professionals