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Account takeover fraud

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By ATB Financial 11 February 2021


As account takeover fraud continues to grow and evolve at an alarming rate, so do the techniques used by cyber criminals. As a business owner, have you evaluated your vulnerabilities and risks to account takeover fraud during a time when some or most of your employees have shifted to a virtual environment? In this 60 minute webinar we discuss the anatomy of an account takeover, what happens beyond the theft, and fraud tactics that business owners should be aware of in order to mitigate risk. Some areas we will explore include:

  • What are the most valuable targets?
  • Modern password authentication
  • How hackers use social engineering to takeover your accounts
  • Password theft ecosystem
  • A look into the Deep Dark Web
  • Mitigating your risks of account takeover and security best practices
  • Protecting your business from a corporate account takeover

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