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Cybersecurity and Fraud Protection

Cyber resilience to safeguard your business.

In-depth expertise to help you safely embrace disruption while driving operational growth.

In a constantly evolving fraud landscape, we provide best-in-class cyber security insights to help combat persistent, sophisticated threats, helping you build business resilience and stakeholder value and maintain a trusted organizational reputation.

Protect your business from cyber threats

ATB's Cyber Security Toolkit is full of tips that are easy to implement in your business.

The immense value of data privacy and how to protect it

For business owners and individuals, Data Privacy Day is an opportunity to learn how personal data is being used and best practices on how to protect it.

Holiday fraud prevention tips for business in 2020

As e-commerce sales surge through the holiday season, so do cyber fraud tactics designed to intercept them, putting both businesses and consumers at risk.

Protect your business against email money transfer fraud

As email money transfers become an increasingly common method of payment, so do the fraud tactics putting them at risk.

Malware 101: Why you need to protect your business

Malware, or harmful software programs, can infiltrate your network, hijack your systems and steal your identity. 

Credential stuffing: the latest in cyberattacks on business

Credential stuffing attacks represent one of the biggest security threats to businesses today. But many business owners aren’t aware of how it can impact them

6 tips on fraud prevention for Alberta businesses

1 in 4 Alberta businesses have been a victim of fraud or a fraud attempt. Help protect your business from fraud with these 6 tips.

Failing to report a data breach could cost you hundreds

There are many other costs and consequences to theft and payment fraud, which can impact a company’s ability to survive a cyber attack.

How to protect your business from wire fraud

Understand how wire fraud happens and mitigation measures you can take to protect your business. 

Protecting you and your business from online fraud

Are you taking the time to properly protect you and your business from online fraud? Falling victim to an online fraud can have a massive effect on your business.

How to create a secure password

Looking to up your password game? Learn how to make your password (and your business accounts) as secure and hacker-resistant as possible.

What is in an exploit kit or exploit pack?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of an exploit kit or exploit pack, you’re not alone. Learn how cyber criminals could attack your business IT systems.

How to protect yourself (and your business) from phishing emails

Phishing emails can be potentially damaging to both you and your company. Learn what phishing emails are and find out how to spot them. 

Albertan businesses victims of attempted fraud

The frequency of successful cyber attacks is increasing, and on average, one in four Alberta businesses is a victim of fraud or attempted fraud.

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