Measuring foreign exchange risk

ATB’s free FX Risk Assessment tool makes it simple to identify what a change in exchange rate would mean for your business. It can help you calculate foreign exchange risk . Calculate your risk today!

International business can be complicated. Managing FX won’t be.

Whatever your foreign exchange needs and however big your business, ATB is here to help you manage the risks and seize the opportunities that come from doing business beyond Alberta’s borders.

Our local team of trusted experts start by taking the time to understand your business’ hedging needs. Then they put their global reach and ATB's international liquidity to work for you.

We can provide expertise to assist with the following:

  • Exchanging currencies
  • Managing cash flow and fixing costs in advance
  • Giving you the confidence to negotiate invoice currencies
  • Managing risk with personalized strategies
  • Providing insight on how these personalized strategies are tracking to plan

Whether you need simple spot trades or customized hedging and long-term structured options, ATB's foreign exchange services give you the expert advice you need to execute with confidence.

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Our capabilities

Spot/Same day

Purchase USD or CAD for settlement on the same day as execution.


Secure the purchase or sale of currency, at a known rate, for a specific date in the future.

Vanilla options

Pay a premium for a guaranteed rate, and unlimited participation on the upside.

Participating forwards

Enjoy a secured protected rate, while still participating in favourable currency moves on a predetermined portion of the amount hedged.


If you're used to having a known rate with FX Forwards, this product will give you a known best rate, and a known worst rate. You are protected, benefitting from positive moves.

Expandable forwards

An option structure that uses leverage to guarantee a rate better than the benchmark forward at the inception of the trade.

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