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Travelling with baby: The price of making memories

Spoiler alert! It's priceless. But Linda Hoang breaks down where to spend your money and where to save it when it comes to travelling as a family.

By Linda Hoang 17 April 2024 2 min read

Since before Baby Benjimin joined our family, we were excited to fit him into our lifestyle. After a year and more than a dozen trips by car, boat, bus, and plane, in the city, province, country, continent and overseas, we are happy to report that traveling with a baby really doesn’t need to cost much more than it would without one.

For instance, kids under 2 fly free. ✈️ At restaurants, baby eats what we eat and we normally order a third main or appetizer to share anyway, so that doesn’t really add much more to the meal. 🍽️ Babies and toddlers also get free admission at most museums and tourist attractions. 🖼️ And if you’re checking out parks 🌳, Instagrammable Walls 🎨, public art where you travel—that’s all free to do! 💸

Where you may expect to budget more is for travel accessories that help make travelling with baby a bit easier—things like:

💛 A baby carrier for portability depending on your adventure
💛 A good stroller—we prefer using our sturdy home stroller on vacation
💛 A portable booster seat / high chair which ensures baby can dine in pretty much any restaurant we visit
💛 Of course you’re going to have similar baby expenses on a trip as you would at home—things like diapers, wipes, formula, etc.

We’re lucky we got a lot of these useful items as new baby gifts - so that’s something you can intentionally put on your registry. 🤞🏻

But if travel is important to your life (and you sort of make it your personality like I do 🤪 lol), despite what others may say or assume, your travel lifestyle does not need to 1) end because you’ve had a baby and 2) be much more expensive because of the baby.

Plus, travelling with baby Benjimin during his first year on this planet has been so so priceless. You can’t put a dollar sign on it. Our hearts are so full with every precious moment and memory. Is every travel day with a baby easy? No of course not, but it doesn’t have to be that hard, and it’s definitely always a ton of fun.

So if you’re about to have a baby or just had one, and just aren’t sure if keeping up your previous lifestyle is possible, hopefully this is just a bit of reassurance you can totally do it.

Meet Linda. 

Hello! I'm a full-time blogger, content creator and social media influencer (@lindork) based in Edmonton, Alberta. I primarily write and photograph / film travel, lifestyle, food, and family topics and make it easy for my community to plan things to do and where to eat in and around the city, province and beyond. 

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