Insuring you and your family's well-being is important. ATB's insurance options provide a safety net in hard times.

Protect all you've gained from all you can't predict.

With ATB, you have access to a range of affordable and valuable insurance options to help protect yourself and your family from the unexpected. Comprehensive coverage can help provide financial support when you need it most.

​Everyday Insurance

Everyday life happens.

You can rest easy with ATB's insurance options—from loan and travel protection to home and auto insurance.

Life Insurance

Protect yourself and your family.

​From short-term to whole-life insurance, ATB has life insurance for everyone—we even offer policies that double as tax-preferred investments.

Disability & Critical Illness

Cushion the blow.

Being insured can make it easier to deal with the unexpected, whether that means a a critical diagnosis or an acquired disability.

Credit Protection

Cover your bases.

Be proactive about your future financial health. We offer protection on loans, lines of credit, credit cards—even your credit identity itself.

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