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Are you buying a home?

We’ll take you step-by-step through what you need to know (and do) when buying a home in Alberta.

Credit and Debt

Everything you should know about credit card limit increases

We cover everything you need to know about credit card limit increases including how to decide whether a limit increase is the right decision for you.

Paying online with a credit card versus a debit card

What should you use to pay for the purchases you make online? Here are the differences between paying online with your credit card versus your debit card.

How to build good credit and avoid fraud

Credit cards are amazingly convenient. But before you start making purchases on your card, there are a couple things you should know.

How to choose a credit card that is best for you

What you need to consider when choosing a credit card that is best for you.

The dos and don'ts of credit card balance transfers

Credit card balance transfers offer you a way to borrow money from your credit card at a special, limited-time low rate. 

Your credit score explained

Here's a breakdown of the good, bad, and costly habits that affect your credit score.

Saving and Investing

How to teach your children about money at every age

Here are some tips and activities that can help you teach your kids about money and finances during the COVID-19 pandemic and every day.

Is your emergency fund enough for the unexpected?

Albertans cannot control the unexpected, but you can prepare for it with an emergency fund.

Budgeting 101

Budgeting lets you be in control of your destiny, and helps you spend and save with confidence.

Should you invest in GICs?

Learn more about when you should choose a GIC for your portfolio and when you should look for something with more risk and reward potential.

RRSP or TFSA...or both?

RRSPs and TFSAs are similar as they both provide incentives for Canadians to save and invest, but their differences will likely lead you to one or the other.

Two people converse over a laptop and a coffee

Investing 101: your questions answered

If your answer to, "what is the most confusing thing about investing?" is "everything", then we have you covered. We address what investing is, FAQs and how to get started.

Home Buying and Mortgages

What happens at the end of your mortgage term?

An overview of your mortgage renewal options and the decisions you need to make at the end of your mortgage term.

6 mortgage terms you need to know

These 6 mortgage terms and tips will help you decide which mortgage option is right for you.

What you need to know about residential outbuildings

What is considered a residential outbuilding, the steps to build one and your financing options.

How are mortgage rates calculated?

Borrowers should be prepared for additional interest costs on their variable rate debt or when rolling a fixed rate mortgage over the next few years.

What actually happens once you've made an offer on a home?

You’ve found your dream home, and you’re ready to make it yours. Here’s a handy timeline of what happens from when you make an offer to when you close the deal.

The true cost of buying a home in Alberta

Buying a home is an exciting time. Of course, a home has to feel good and work for your lifestyle, but it also needs to fit your budget.


Happy smiling family

How can I increase retirement income with income splitting?

Income splitting is a way of moving income from the higher to the lower-income spouse. 

It's never too late to start investing in RRSPs and TFSAs

Even if you are close to retirement, it can still be beneficial to start investing in RRSPs and TFSAs.

Got room? Learn about your RRSP contribution limits

Your RRSP room is determined by your annual RRSP contribution limits. Learn how to best take advantage of all that room.

Advice for snowbirds

This checklist highlights some important things to keep in mind so you can keep your winter worry-free!

Students Education and RESPs

5 financial tips for high school grads as they head to post-secondary

Some simple advice to help you plan for your education and financial future.

Paying off a student loan early: Pros & cons

Most people graduate post-secondary with student loans. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of paying off student loans early.

Scholarships, awards and where to find them in Alberta

Advice on where to start your scholarship search in Alberta.

Understanding RESP options in Alberta

Learn about RESPs: how much you can contribute, what government grants provide, and what happens if your child doesn'tt attend a post secondary institution.

Maximize Your RESP Contributions

Take advantage of the government grant that matches up to 20% on your contributions to an RESP and learn about carry-forward room for missed contributions.

What do you need to withdraw money from an RESP

In order to withdraw funds from your RESP you'll need to complete some steps for validation. Read through as we uncover what these steps entail.


Including insurance in your financial plan

Insurance is an important part of any financial plan, and understanding your coverage is key

5 FAQs about travel insurance

5 things to know about your travel insurance before you go.

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