How to link your ATB Prosper investment accounts to your ATB Mobile app

Learn how to link your ATB Prosper or ATB Investment Services Inc. investment accounts to ATB Mobile.

  1. To follow these steps, you first must have logged into ATB Investor Connect at least once
    1. If needed, do so now using your ATB Prosper username and password
    2. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it from ATB Investor Connect or from ATB Prosper
  2. Log in to your ATB Mobile app
  3. From the Accounts screen, tap the TrackIt icon in the upper right
  4. From the TrackIt screen, tap the building icon at the top left of the screen to access your Accounts
  5. From the Manage Connections screen, tap the + (plus sign) icon on the right
  6. In the search field, type ATB; a drop-down menu will appear with related suggestions
  7. Select ATB Investor Services
  8. Enter your ATB Prosper Username and Password 
  9. Tap Connect to complete the linkage
  10. You can now view your investment accounts within TrackIt via the ATB Mobile app, though any actions on your account must be processed through ATB Investor Connect or ATB Prosper

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