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Protect your legacy.

What you leave behind.

An estate plan will help protect you and your loved ones. Learn about building an estate and trust plan that fulfills all of your wishes.

The Executor Estate Guide

A step-by-step guide to settling an estate in Alberta

The importance of a will and key documents for estate plan

Learn the key components of a strong will as part of a comprehensive estate plan and the importance of choosing the right person to act as your executor.

The importance of a Power of Attorney and Personal Directive

What is an enduring power of attorney and personal directive as well as its function and why you should have one as a component of your overall estate plan?

What is a testamentary trust?

Learn about the different types of testamentary trusts, both individual and spousal, and how they could be used to best execute your last will and testament.

Understanding joint ownership and probate for an estate plan

What is joint ownership and how might that affect my estate plans when I die? What is probate and how does probate law apply to the settlement of my estate?

Charitable giving and estate planning

Learn how to structure your giving to best benefit you and the cause you want to support to create a lasting legacy.

The intelligent donation

A donor advised fund (DAF) may be a good option for high net worth individuals seeking to create a legacy.

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