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Protect your legacy.

Asset and liability organizer

Use this organizer to ensure family members have critical information at their fingertips when the time comes.

What you leave behind.

An estate plan will help protect you and your loved ones. Learn about building an estate and trust plan that fulfills all of your wishes.

Succession planning for the family vacation property

Your vacation property is an important part of your estate, and requires special consideration. Start the process with these important questions.

Planning for digital assets

Learn about digital assets and the importance of considering these unique assets in your estate plan in an increasingly digital world.

Three ideas for charitable giving in your lifetime

If you are looking to support a charitable cause today here are some ideas on how to do so.

Considerations for charitable giving

Before meeting with your lawyer or accountant to discuss making a charitable donation, consider these important questions.

Planning in advance to transfer wealth, and fund your estate goals

If your estate goals include leaving financial gifts, it’s important to ensure your generosity won’t impact your desired lifestyle. A financial plan can help achieve both.

What is a grant?

Executors have many responsibilities when administering an estate. Understanding what a grant is and why it’s important is one of the first steps when dealing with an estate.

What does a personal representative do?

Choosing your personal representative is an important decision, and a big responsibility for the person who agrees to take it on. Make sure you know what’s involved.

Providing for your pets after you’re gone

Pets are part of your family, but have you included them in your will? Here are four tips to make sure your pets are looked after.

Why it’s time to introduce your family to your advisor

Wealth transfer is an uncomfortable, but important topic. A trusted advisor can help support the conversation and provide peace of mind.

Importance of educated estate planning

Developing an estate plan helps you plan for the future and ensures your assets are accounted for and a roadmap is in place for transitioning your wealth according to your wishes.

Gifting to adult children

When gifting to adult children, there are important questions to ask yourself and financial considerations to review.

Don’t let these factors hold you back from creating a will

Creating a will allows you to communicate your wishes with your loved ones. Here are a few things that may be holding you back from creating a will and how to overcome them.

Four guidelines for discussing wealth transfer with your children

It's not always easy to discuss, but here are four guidelines for having a conversation about wealth transfer with your children. 

The importance of will and estate planning

Creating a will and estate plan protects you, your estate and your loved ones while you’re living and long after.

When should you have an estate plan in place?

Being prepared with a proper estate plan that includes distribution of assets and your care wishes is important for all ages and stages of life.

What you need to know when choosing an executor for your estate

What you need to know to appoint the right executor for your estate, including educating them about your estate and what will be required of them in this role.

Your enduring power of attorney—selecting your representative

Considerations when selecting the enduring power of attorney for your estate. 

Considerations for health care directives

Strategies for appointing the right agent for your estate, including educating them about your estate and what will be required of them in this role.

Choosing the right guardian for your child

When naming a guardian for your child in your will, you will need to consider their values, financial situation, location and age.

What assets can I give away in my will?

Understanding what assets you can give away in your will or outside of your will, including joint assets.

How to develop an estate plan

Steps to take to develop your estate plan, including assessing your current financial situation, setting goals and engaging with the right experts.

The importance of a will and key documents for estate plan

Learn the key components of a strong will as part of a comprehensive estate plan and the importance of choosing the right person to act as your executor.

The importance of a Power of Attorney and Personal Directive

What is an enduring power of attorney and personal directive as well as its function and why you should have one as a component of your overall estate plan?

What is a testamentary trust?

Learn about the different types of testamentary trusts, both individual and spousal, and how they could be used to best execute your last will and testament.

Understanding joint ownership and probate for an estate plan

What is joint ownership and how might that affect my estate plans when I die? What is probate and how does probate law apply to the settlement of my estate?

Charitable giving and estate planning

Learn how to structure your giving to best benefit you and the cause you want to support to create a lasting legacy.

The intelligent donation

A donor advised fund (DAF) may be a good option for high net worth individuals seeking to create a legacy.

The Executor Estate Guide

A step-by-step guide to settling an estate in Alberta

Estate Planning Checklist

There’s lots to consider when planning your estate. Use this checklist to identify where you are in your estate planning journey

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