Building a positive relationship with money

By ATB Financial 29 October 2018 1 min read

Building a positive relationship with money


Our relationship with money affects the way we act, think and feel about it. Having a healthy relationship with money, regardless of how much you have, can help you reach your goals for the future and give you a positive mindset when it comes to managing your personal finances.

“If thinking or dealing with money gives you feelings of anxiety or fear, we can get to the root of why you feel that way,” says Nova Kane, Senior Financial Advisor with ATB Wealth. “If we give our money some time and energy, we can learn how to build and nurture a positive relationship with it.”

A positive relationship with money is something everyone can have. If you’re not sure where to start, meet with a financial advisor, who can review your situation, income and expenses and create a clear budget and an obtainable plan. A professional advisor can teach you how to use practical tools to create and maintain a healthy relationship with money.

“Think of that first meeting with a financial advisor as an educational session, tailored to your situation and where you are at,” says Kane. “When people come to see me for the first time, it’s important they find an environment of trust and comfort, so we can start putting a plan in place that will lead to confidence and even excitement when thinking or dealing with money.”

A financial advisor can help you create a budget that allows you to save and invest. Depending on your short, medium and long-term financial goals, they can work with you to develop a savings plan, and can provide visual aids to show you how your money can consistently grow over time.

“I love seeing that sense of dread replaced with a feeling of excitement when clients start to learn more about budgeting and saving, and start seeing their money work for them,” says Kane. “Sometimes a change of mindset, a little knowledge and a smart plan is all it takes to build that strong and positive relationship with money.

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