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Helping your child with their first home

Parental instincts might compel you to help your child buy their first home, but there are many pros and cons to consider, as well as government programs that can help.

Tips for passing financial sense to the next generation

Having early conversations about personal finance can set the next generation up for financial success throughout the course of their life.   

Wealth is more than just money

Wealth means having riches across all facets of your life. Our Private Investment Counsel team discusses the qualities shared by those who consider themselves truly wealthy. 

Taking action when interest rates rise

Rising interest rates may impact your mortgage, loan or investment portfolio. Taking action now can keep you on track and reduce stress.

Four tips for growing a strong legacy on the family farm

ATB Wealth senior financial advisors share their top tips for overcoming the most common challenges for growing intergenerational wealth on the family farm.

The Metaverse: an “out-of-this-world” investment opportunity?

What is the metaverse and should I invest? Does my portfolio already have metaverse exposure and what are the risks? What are NFTs, virtual reality and augmented reality?

Buying versus renting your home

It’s possible to build wealth both as a homeowner and renter, but which one is the better choice for your future? Find out in this breakdown of both scenarios.

Four tips to thrive as a gig worker

The gig economy is growing, especially among millenials and Gen Zs. Here we offer savings and insurance tips to help set gig workers up for success.

Fixed or variable, your mortgage plays a big part in financial planning

Just as you adapt to life changes, your mortgage can also be adapted to support your financial plan and long-term goals. Learn more about the use of fixed versus variable rates.

Should you renew your mortgage early?

Taking advantage of low interest rates could save you thousands over the life of your mortgage. But with the penalties and fees for breaking your contract, will you come out ahead?

Life after the vaccine: managing your finances

As we move toward a post-pandemic world, it’s more important than ever to make smart financial decisions and be intentional with your spending and saving.

3 ways diversification can help protect your portfolio

Having your capital invested across multiple asset classes, countries and sectors will better protect your portfolio from sharp volatility.

Long-term considerations when buying a vacation property

Here are a few things you need to consider when making a decision about buying a vacation property.

Financial considerations when going through a divorce

When getting a divorce, here are steps you can take to stay on track with managing your money and assets and ensure you are reaching with your financial goals.

Tips for wealth planning for your lifestyle and goals

Make your money work for you now and in the future by finding a focus, planning for all stages in life and continuing to reassess your wealth plan.

Building a positive relationship with money

It doesn't matter how much money you make, with a little knowledge and practical tools, anyone can have a healthy relationship with money.

Behavioural Investing 101

Emotions and irrational investment decisions can negatively impact financial success.

Investing in rental properties

Key principles investors should consider for existing or potential direct real estate investments in rental properties.

Advice for snowbirds

This checklist highlights some important things to keep in mind so you can keep your winter worry-free!

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