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Free up cash flow, earn rewards, enjoy flexible repayment terms. Which ATB Business Mastercard meets your business needs?

Find the credit card that moves your business forward.

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​No matter your business' size or industry, there is an ATB Mastercard for you. Meet your needs with a low personalized interest rate, minimum payment options and more.

Reap the rewards

Earn rewards points and redeem them for cash, travel, merchandise, gift cards or charitable donations. Treat your employees, customers or yourself.

Choose a card that represents your brand

Customize your card with an image that suits your business with MyPic®. Choose an existing design or ask us about creating an exclusive design.

Compare ATB Business Mastercards, and decide which one is right for you.

Product Details Alberta Businesscard™ Mastercard® Alberta Rewards Businesscard™ Mastercard® Alberta Agri-Industry Businesscard® Mastercard® ATB MyBusiness® Rewards Mastercard®
Benefits With flexible repayment terms and a personalized interest rate (as low as Prime plus 2%), this card enables you to carry a balance month over month and frees up cash flow. Don’t expect to carry a balance? Earn 1.5 reward points for every dollar with eligible purchases, and redeem your points for travel, merchandise or cash. Designed to meet the unique needs of individuals working in the ag industry, this card gives you a personalized rate (as low as Prime plus 2%), custom limits and low minimum payment options. Built for small businesses, this no annual fee card earns you 1% cash back applied monthly to your card balance or deposit account. Plus, insurance, purchase assurance, and more.
Primary cardholder annual fee $65 for limits up to $50,000 $120 $65 for limits up to $50,000 $0
Additional card fee $35/card $49/card $35/card $0/card for 1-3, $60/card for 4-11
Annual interest on purchases, cash advances and balance transfers Custom rate as low as Prime + 2% Current rates Custom rate as low as Prime + 2% Current rates
Low minimum monthly payment 3% of your balance 3% of your balance 1% of your balance 3% of your balance
Insurance Yes Yes No Yes
Car rental discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes

Find the right Mastercard for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest benefit of having a separate business credit card is the ability to separate business and personal purchases. You could also save a lot of money in interest and have lower minimum payments. If you're collecting rewards, you'll be able to transfer points between your business and personal Mastercard® so you can redeem faster for what you want most.

For most new businesses, we collect personal and financial information. If you have an established business, we review the financial statements and results associated with that business. For established businesses, we'll also require information for individuals that own 25% or more of the company, or information about directors if it's a corporation. All personal and financial information we collect is to support the application.

Yes. You can transfer points to another My Rewards account online

Any image chosen from our MyPic library is free. We can also customize the image background and place your company logo on your company's Mastercard(s) for a one-time fee of $400.

If you paid for a product and/or service with your Mastercard but did not receive it in its intended condition, then you may be eligible to dispute the payment through your Mastercard. Before initiating a dispute, you should first attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant directly. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the merchant, contact our ATB Client Care team at 1-800-332-8383.

If there are charges on your Mastercard that you don’t recognize or did not consent to, contact our ATB Client Care team at 1-800-332-8383. If these charges are determined to be fraudulent, they will be handled by our ATB Mastercard Fraud team.

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