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“The fact that ATB is promoting a W by ATB approach shows that they think gender intelligence, diversity and inclusion is important. And that it's a big deal. They're setting an example for other organizations.”

Gina Thornton is the Chief Financial Officer of Falkbuilt, a construction-technology company that was founded in Calgary in 2019. Falkbuilt uses technology to precisely cut digital components that are shipped all over the world for a fast and efficient install at construction sites with virtually no waste. Falkbuilt currently has over 110 distribution branches and has shipped over 3,000 interior-construction projects all over the world.

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Gina’s career has been predominantly built working in male-dominated industries: mining, oil & gas, and construction. When she started her career she noticed that she was surrounded by a diverse set of peers; however, the higher up the corporate ladder she climbed, the less diversity she noticed at her peer level. She often finds she’s still one of the only women in the room during Board meetings, and when meeting with her Executive peers.

 Falkbuilt, a construction-technology company  that was founded in Calgary in 2019

Falkbuilt, a construction-technology company that was founded in Calgary in 2019.

Throughout her career, Gina has focused on mentoring women, pointing out unconscious bias when she encounters it and digging into the data and becoming a champion for gender equality.

“At one company, as a senior finance leader, I noticed there was a gender gap. First, there was a large discrepancy between the amount of men and women hired for senior roles. Second, the women were getting paid substantially less than their male peers. I spoke with the CEO, presented the data, and explained that companies which foster a more inclusive workplace drive innovation, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately, achieve better business outcomes.”

Gina Thornton, Chief Financial Officer Falkbuilt, Calgary Alberta

Gina Thornton, Falkbuilt Chief Financial Officer.

Falkbuilt partnered with ATB in early 2023 and has been impressed with the ATB team’s innovative thinking and gender intelligence that have made them an invaluable partner for both Falkbuilt and their Finance team.

As a client of W by ATB, Gina has participated in networking events and made valuable connections to other women business leaders in Calgary that will support her continued growth. She values the fact that her ATB Director takes the time to get to know her and invest in her success as well as the success of Falkbuilt.

Gina with her ATB relationship manager Leo Tam.

Leo Tam, ATB Director Corporate Banking, meets Gina at Falkbuilt.

Gina sitting in the office surrounded by her coworkers
"It's not solely a transactional relationship with W by ATB. It's not only helping our company succeed, but I truly believe that they are invested in helping me succeed as a professional."

Gina Thornton

Chief Financial Officer Falkbuilt

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