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Lindsay Anderson, Owner Twig Boutique, Camrose Alberta

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As sole owner of Twig Boutique in Camrose, Alberta, Lindsay Anderson has a lot on her plate. From managing finances to predicting fashion and gifting trends, Lindsay does it all.

Twig—the go-to place for gifting and clothes in Camrose, Alberta—has been bringing unique items to the community since 2009. Lindsay puts her graphic design background to good use designing everything from branding to merchandising and marketing ideas. And it’s Lindsay’s eye for new trends and unique local offerings that brings customers from all over Alberta to her door.

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Not even COVID could slow Lindsay down. When customers couldn’t come to her, she quickly worked with her team to create social media auctions featuring her existing inventory. These daily auctions helped move her merchandise, but more importantly, they kept excitement around her products and gave the community something fun to participate in. They were so successful her customers still talk about them to this day!

Lindsay opened her first personal account with ATB when she was 12 years old. And didn’t even consider any other bank when it was time to open her business accounts.

The front of Twig Boutique in Camrose, Alberta. It's a wood building with a blue door and mannequins standing in the window.

Twig Boutique in Camrose, Alberta

As a W by ATB business client, Lindsay works closely with her relationship manager Debbie Soch. Deb has her W by ATB Everywoman Accreditation training through ATB. “I just love going into the branch or when Deb comes into the store. She answers all my questions so quickly.” ​​Beyond offering the day-to-day support Lindsay was looking for, ATB has also stepped up to provide her with local networking opportunities that enable her to make the meaningful connections with other business owners she needs for the success of her business.

Lindsay with her ATB relationship manager Debbie Soch. The two women are standing inside the store chatting.

Debbie Soch, ATB Relationship Manager, meets with Lindsay at Twig.

Lindsay sits at her desk in her store, Twig
"The best part of my job is the people. I just love when I get to know my customers and they start to get to know each other though the store. Creating connections between people and other local businesses helps us all. Doing the shopping for the store is great too"

Lindsay Anderson

Owner Twig Boutique

Lindsay Anderson, Owner of Twig Boutique in Camrose Alberta stands in her store smiling.

Lindsay Anderson, Owner of Twig Boutique in Camrose Alberta.

Lindsay is proud to be part of W by ATB and helping shine a light on how ATB has been making her feel understood, connected and empowered.

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