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Stop cheque fraud in its tracks.

Proactively detect fraud

Our Cheque Protection Management service helps detect fraud before it happens while helping with reconciliation.

Track your cheques

​Our flexible reporting options provide a clear line of sight into the cheques you've issued.

Have a backup plan

An image of every cheque posted on your account is available in your transaction history. Cleared cheques are digitized for easy storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

ATB's Cheque Protection Management service includes Positive Pay and Negative Pay. Positive pay provides protection against forged, altered, and counterfeit checks. Negative Pay provides protection against excessive deductions. It also offers additional fraud protection, tracking and digitized cheque imaging.

Any client with an ATB Business Chequing Account (CAD) can enrol in Cheque Protection Management.

We require and match the serial number, dollar amount and issue date of a cheque.

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Cheque Protection Management gives you peace of mind knowing that the cheques your company issued are the ones clearing your account.

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