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Skip waiting for cheques by receiving digital payments.

Save time and money

Eliminate the uncertainty that comes with receiving cheques and the time it takes to deposit them while offering your customers a convenient way to pay.

Control your receivables

Take control of your cash flow by knowing when and how much money is coming into your business.

Schedule incoming payments easily

Spend more time growing your business and less time on cheque-related tasks with future-dated transactions and real time reporting.

Handle individual business transactions

You’re covered for one-time collections, like getting paid for an equipment sale or other product purchase.

Prioritize security and control

Customize your user access, reporting and workflow approvals to meet your One-off Collection needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-off Collections and Pre-Authorized Debits can't be used for cross-currency and cross-border payments. It's a convenient option for transactions in Canada.

CAD One-off Collections and Pre-Authorized Debits will be processed on the same day as long as they're submitted before 5:30pm MT.

USD One-off Collections and Pre-Authorized Debits must be submitted one business day before the earliest transaction due date.

Customize your user access, apply workflow approvals and create transaction limits based on your business needs.

Yes, an agreement is required with the payee to use One-Off Collections or Pre-Authorized Debits, which is submitted and approved by ATB prior to setup.

Yes, you can save customer details for those you collect funds from.

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