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Skip writing cheques with electronic payments.

Save time and money

Eliminate writing cheques and ensure ​your bills are paid on time every month, so you can avoid pesky late-payment charges.

Control your payables

Once a cheque is in the mail, it's hard to know when it will clear your account. Avoid uncertainty by choosing the best time to make the payment.

Schedule payments with ease

Spend more time growing your business and less time writing cheques - with future-dated transactions, real-time reporting and template features.

Handle individual transactions easily

You’re covered for those one-time payments, like purchasing new equipment or dealing with a new vendor in Canadian or US dollars.​

Make quick last-minute payments

Did a payment deadline sneak up on you? Pay it quickly and on time.

Maintain security and control

Customize your user access, reporting and workflow approvals to meet your one-off payment needs.

Key product details

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) fees
  • $125 implementation fee
  • $15.95 monthly fee
  • $10 per file
  • $0.15 per item1
One-off Disbursement fees $2.50 per transaction
Cross-currency and cross-border payments Not available

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only use Electronic Funds Transfer for transactions within Canada. You can use EFT for Canadian (CAD) or US (USD) dollar transactions as long as the other financial institution is in Canada. One-off Disbursements can't be used for cross-currency and cross-border payments. 

CAD EFTs and One-off Disbursements will be processed on the same day as long as they're submitted before 5:30pm MT.

USD EFTs must be submitted one business day before the earliest transaction due date.

Customize your user access, apply workflow approvals and create transaction limits based on your business needs.

Yes, you can save all payee details.

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