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Fraud Prevention Month with ATB: Cybercrime Protection for Businesses

Fraud and Cybercrime expert, Aisha Kitchlew, presents cyber security insights and mitigation tactics for Alberta businesses.

By 16 March 2023 1 min read


March is Fraud Prevention Month and our Fraud and Cybercrime expert, Aisha Kitchlew, is here to share insights on the top trending cyber frauds for Alberta businesses. Aisha will also help you understand current and emerging risks, the current fraud landscape and how you can mitigate these risks within your organizations. Learn how to protect your accounts and devices through easy to implement solutions, and what to do if you think you’re a victim of cybercrime. 


  • 2:15 Statistics
  • 5:09 Phishing and business email compromise
  • 13:10 Protection and mitigation measures
  • 45:45 How to survive a cyber attack
  • 48:34 What to do if you have fallen victim
  • 52:27 Q&A session


If you believe that you or your business has fallen victim to a cyber attack, we encourage you to contact your financial institution immediately. Fraud actors move quickly and the sooner you report the fraudulent activity to your financial institution, the more likely they are to recover any lost funds. They will also work to secure your accounts from further damage. If you are an ATB client and would like to report a phishing attack, we encourage you to email

Canadian Anti-fraud Centre

Canadian Centre for Cyber Security 

ATB Cybersecurity Toolkit

Protecting your organization from business email compromise 

Understanding business email compromise (BEC)

Account Takeover Fraud webinar

Baseline Cybersecurity Controls for Medium Sized Businesses

Developing an Incident Response Plan

Bring your Own Device Programs for Organizations


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