Online banking security guarantee

Online banking security guarantee

We take security seriously at ATB Financial. We’re committed to protecting your financial information and your privacy. To help make banking with us safe and private, we’ve built security features into our online and mobile personal and business banking platforms, including ATB Personal and ATB Business.

We’ll repay 100% of any money you lose as a result of online fraud as long as you follow these guidelines.

Your responsibilities: What you have to do to protect yourself.


You are required to set up two-factor authentication and we strongly recommend biometric access for your accounts. These small actions offer protection beyond passwords.

To protect your accounts and personal information—and to be eligible for our Online Guarantee—you must also follow these online security practices:

  • Keep your username, passwords, one time passcode to complete two-factor authentication, and device private. Never share or write down your login and security information. Choose a complex and unique password, and change it often. Don’t pick an obvious password for your account, like your birthday, account number or telephone number. Don’t let anyone borrow, use or add their biometric information to the device you use for online banking. Never share your one-time passcode outside of ATB online and mobile platforms. ATB will never ask you to share this code verbally, over text message, or through email.
  • Review your accounts regularly. Immediately advise us of any discrepancies, as the Online Guarantee only applies to transactions made within the last 30 days.
  • Log out every time, as soon as you’re done. This prevents other people from using your device to access your accounts.
  • Be careful when downloading apps and software. Some apps and software contain malware, which can put your information at risk. Look for apps from reputable companies, even when downloading from the App Store and/or Google Play.
  • Make sure your operating system and antivirus software are kept up to date. Software updates can contain important security fixes.
  • Report lost, stolen or compromised information. Immediately notify us at 1-800-332-8383 and change your password. You’re also responsible for assisting us with any investigations we make into improper access to your account.
  • Beware of phishing. Many fraudsters impersonate legitimate organizations, but there are ways to spot a scam.


The full details on your responsibilities for this guarantee can be found in your client agreement:

Current agreements

Our responsibilities: What we do to keep your information safe.


At ATB, we've developed security features to protect you from online fraud.

2FA enhances your security by requiring you to correctly provide an additional piece of information after entering your username and password. Learn more

Biometrics is a method of verifying your identity based on biological characteristics, such as fingerprint and facial recognition. It makes login fast, easy and secure, and reduces the number of security challenges.

Firewalls filter network traffic and block outsiders from gaining access to private data.

These two items reflect our commitment to integrating the most secure practices, controls and technologies available to us.

24/7 security enables us to quickly respond to suspicious activity around the clock.

Automatically closing your session after a set period of inactivity prevents others from accessing your accounts.

Regularly updating our software helps protect your privacy as viruses and malware change and evolve.

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