Mobile Pay

Apple Pay

Convenient payment options for Apple device users.

Pay your way

Use Apple Pay with any ATB Interac® debit card or Mastercard®. It's just one more way to use the banking options that already work for you.

Pay in-store, in-app and online

Use Apple Pay in brick and mortar stores, within mobile apps and for online shopping—it's totally secure.

Pay on all your devices

Use Apple Pay to load the same card onto multiple Apple devices. Your payment options stay the same no matter which device is in your hand.

Key product details

Over-limit fees Based on linked account
Interac Debit transaction limits Based on the daily Point-of-Sale (POS) limit set on your debit card
Mastercard transaction
Merchant transaction limits may apply (typically $100/transaction)

Frequently Asked Questions

Any iPhone SE or newer, running the newest version of iOS. You can pay with a compatible iPhone in stores, apps and on websites open in a Safari browser.

If you have a Mac paired with an Apple Pay enabled iPhone or Apple Watch, you can pay on websites open on your Mac in a Safari browser.

If you have an Apple Watch, you'll need to be running iOS 2 or newer paired with an iPhone 5 or newer. You can pay using your compatible Apple Watch in stores and apps.

For website and app payments, you can also your 5th or 6th generation iPad, an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or a newer iPad from one of these series.

To use Apple Pay, start by loading your ATB cards to your compatible Apple device.

Then, pay in stores by holding your iPhone near the payment terminal. Authorize the transaction when prompted using Touch ID, Face ID or by entering your passcode. On Apple Watch, just double-click the side button and hold the display of your Apple Watch up to the payment terminal.

Within apps and on the web, look for the Apple Pay icon as a payment option. You'll be prompted to authenticate payment using Touch ID, Face ID or by entering your passcode. Your payment is completed using a Device Account Number, not your card or account number.

Apple Pay keeps your information secure in lots of ways:

  • Your card numbers are never stored on your Apple device or on Apple servers.
  • When you pay in stores, neither Apple nor your Apple device sends your card numbers to merchants.
  • When you pay within apps, the merchant will receive only necessary information like your name, email address and billing/shipping address.
  • Apple Pay retains anonymous transaction information (such as the approximate purchase amount).

Click here to learn more about Apple Pay security.

With Apple Pay, you need to authenticate all transactions with Touch ID (your fingerprint), Face ID or your Apple device passcode, and your Device Account Number is shared for only a small window of time after you’ve authenticated. Also, you’ll receive a push notification when your card is charged, so you'll know if and when a payment has gone through. 

The receipt for your Apple Pay purchase will reference your Device Account Number (not your actual payment card number). The cashier may need to check your Device Account Number to make sure it matches the same number used for the purchase.

To see your Device Account Number, open the applicable payment card in your Apple Wallet™ and tap the information icon. To conduct the refund, follow the same steps as you would with a purchase: make sure your Apple Wallet app features the correct card, hold your Apple device near the payment terminal to authenticate the refund. You’ll see a “Done” message on the payment terminal when the refund has gone through.

Please note that refund transactions aren’t displayed in your Apple Wallet app. Keep your receipt and check ATB Personal, ATB Online Business or your Mastercard statement to verify that the refund has been posted back to your account.

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Paying for stuff with your phone. Or your watch. Or your iPad. With Apple Pay it's fast, simple, secure. And pretty cool, too.

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