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Fitbit Pay

A secure and convenient way to pay—hands free.

Pay with your watch

​Once you've loaded your ATB Mastercard® onto your Fitbit watch, you don't even need your phone to make a transaction when you're out and about.

Pay with a gesture

​Fitbit Pay works at any store that accepts contactless payments. When you have your hands full, you can pay by simply flipping your wrist.

Load multiple credit cards

For more payment options, add all your ATB Mastercards - whether personal or business credit cards - to your Fitbit smartwatch.

Key product details

Over-limit fees Based on linked account
Interac® Debit transaction limits Currently not available
Mastercard® transaction limits Merchant transaction limits may apply (typically $100/transaction)

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Fitbit app on your smartphone (or any Apple, Android™ or Windows® device) first to set up the wallet on your smartwatch. Then you can load the app and your Mastercards on to your watch, and you're ready to go!

You can use Fitbit Pay on your Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition or Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Special Edition.

Make sure your ATB Mastercard is added to your Fitbit Pay Wallet. Then, launch Fitbit Pay on your Fitbit device. You can use Fitbit Pay at any store that accepts contactless payments, so your Mastercard PIN is not required.

It's secure. To access the Fitbit Pay Wallet function within the Fitbit app, you must have biometric authentication or a passcode set up on your smartphone. When you first set up your Fitbit Pay Wallet, you'll be prompted to create a 4-digit PIN. You can set your Fitbit watch to prompt you to enter this PIN whenever you open your Fitbit Pay Wallet before making a purchase.

You have two options for when your Fitbit watch will lock automatically: when you take the Fitbit watch off your wrist, or after 24 hours.

If you lose your watch, you can also suspend the cards on it for added security.

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