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The real price of student life in Alberta

By ATB Financial 20 December 2018 less than a minute

With the new school year right around the corner, two things are for certain: your workload is about to get heavier and your bank account is about to get lighter. Much, much lighter.

Time management will be critical in getting you through the school year, but so will money management. In the spirit of higher learning, here's some insight into the real cost of being a student in Alberta and how you can save some cash.

Other money-saving tips

Use your student card to get deals at restaurants, stores, the movies, and more. If you're going to spend, make sure you get a discount!

Consider getting a no-fee student account​ for your day-to-day banking. With lots of free transactions, these kinds of accounts are built for student life.


The bottom line

Alberta can be pricey, especially for post-secondary students. If you balance studying, spending and saving, you'll graduate with a degree - not a mountain of debt.​

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