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Student loans: understanding your options

Balancing student loan repayments with saving for the future.

Just graduated? Time to start your retirement plan (really)

Retirement might seem like it's in the distant future but if you start saving now, and take advantage of all available programs, your future self will thank you.

Students, here’s the #1 investing tip you need to know

We share our biggest piece of investing advice plus three investing habits that can play a significant role in your investing strategy.

Student online shopping for school supplies.

Back-to-school shopping tips for post-secondary students

Read our four easy tips for post-secondary students looking to save money and stick to their budget this September.

How to budget your income as a student

Whether you’re paying for post-secondary with earnings, savings, aid, or a loan, make the most of your resources by following these budgeting steps.

Five ways to pay for post-secondary education

Paying for school shouldn't be the most stressful part of being a student. Here are five different ways students can finance their post-secondary education.

5 financial tips for high school grads as they head to post-secondary

Some simple advice to help you plan for your education and financial future.

The real price of student life in Alberta

Here’s some insight into the cost of being a student in Alberta and ways to save.

7 important credit lessons

Credit can be confusing (and stressful), but it can also have a positive influence on your finances. Here's how to avoid the debt drama that plagues so many Albertans.

Scholarships, awards and where to find them in Alberta

Advice on where to start your scholarship search in Alberta.

Savings tips for students

As a student, the thought of putting money away in savings might seem out of reach, but it’s easier than you think.

How to save for a graduation or reading week trip

Here are 5 steps to help you plan and save for a graduation or reading week trip.

4 affordable ways to decorate your residence room

A few simple ideas to help transform your residence room into your home away from home.

Parents or guardians

Understanding RESP options in Alberta

Learn about RESPs: how much you can contribute, what government grants provide, and what happens if your child doesn't attend a post secondary institution.

What do I need to set up an RESP?

There are 3 basic documents needed to set up an RESP. Learn what they are so you can be prepared and make the process quick and easy.

Maximize Your RESP Contributions

Take advantage of the government grant that matches up to 20% on your contributions to an RESP and learn about carry-forward room for missed contributions.

What do you need to withdraw money from an RESP

In order to withdraw funds from your RESP you'll need to complete some steps for validation. Read through as we uncover what these steps entail.

What is ATB’s role in my child’s RESP?

Part of ATB’s approach to service has always been to listen, assist, and provide expert advice. You'll find with an RESP, our approach is no different.

What if my child does not attend a post-secondary school?

Started an RESP? Child not attending post-secondary? Not to worry, here's some options for how to proceed.

Saving for a child’s education

Given the cost of post secondary education, it’s a great idea to save for a child’s education. We’ve shared some tips on how to get started.

RESPs—what is the Accumulated Income Payment (AIP)?

Learn the implications of withdrawing earned income from an RESP if a beneficiary doesn’t attend school or finishes without using all the money.

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