Credit Protection

Be proactive about your future financial health. Protect your loans, lines of credit, credit cards —even your credit identity itself.

How credit protection can work for you.

Cover your payments

Whether for a loan, line of credit, or Mastercard, we have loan protection options that will cover your payments if you become unable to.

Cover the balance

If you have a loan or line of credit, you may be able to cover part or all of your balance in the event of your death or disability.

Cover your bases

Knowledge is power. The more information you can get on your credit activity, the better you'll be able to protect yourself from identity theft.

Find the right form of credit protection for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

While each of our different forms of credit protection (Loan Protection and Mastercard Balance Protection) are designed to improve your confidence in the future health of your finances, the scope of protection varies widely between these products.

If you've recently taken out a loan for a specific project or venture, and you want to cover your bases in case something goes wrong with your health and you become unable to deal with that level of debt. Pretty straightforward—you probably want to look into Loan Protection.

However, if you want protection for a mortgage loan—your best option may in fact be some form of life insurance.

Whatever your needs, an ATB Financial Advisor can help you find the credit protection that's right for you.

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